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Automatic Linear Powder Filing Sealing Machine
Automatic Linear Powder Filing Sealing Machine
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Applicable scope:

  • This machine has reasonable design, easy and convenient in changing product and cleaning the machine. Packing weight can be stepless adjusted, automatic alarms when fault happens. Adopts PLC control, anti-interference and stable operation, can realize filling. It is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical and scientific industry, etc.

  • Applicable to pesticides, veterinary drug, premix, additive, milk powder, starch, condiment, fodder, nutrition powder, washing powder, black sesame seed powder, coffee powder, penicillin powder, bingpeng powder, collagen, flour, dye, etc powder, granular quantitative packaging.

Machine performance features:

  • 1.This filling and capping machine is integrated with machine, electricity, photoelectric, automatic quantitative, automatic filling, automatic counting error, automatic cap loading and automatic screw capping.
  • 2.PLC control, Chinese and English touch screen language, suitable for different customer using habit, easy operation.
  • 3.High filling precision, adopts spiral material drop and servo measuring system.
  • 4.Suitable for can, bottle type powder quantitative filling.
  • 5.Full automatic in whole process, no need human contact.
  • 6.The part which contact with filling material is adopt GMP requirement material.
  • 7.Transparent material hopper, material state can be easily seen.
  • 8.The capping head can be changed to suitable for different kind of bottles.
  • 9.PLC touch screen control system, Chinese and English interface, easy and convenient to operate.
Technical parameter


XT-FJ30 powder filling and capping machine

Filling head

4 heads

Filling material

Flour, powder granular which has fluidity

Filling speed


Filling precision


Hopper volume





AC 380V





  • Material part of the equipment using SUS304 structure, the powder using SUS316 material, protective cover with PC material
  • PLC and HMI control part of the use of Germany's Siemens brand Inverter using Taiwan's Delta brand
  • Pneumatic components using Taiwan Airtac brand
  • Servo system adopts Delta brand
  • AC motor adopts Delta brand
  • Electrical components used in France Schneider Japan's Omron Taiwan's Delta and other brands
  • DC power supply using Taiwan's Delta brand
  • Photoelectric sensor using the German brand Leuze
  • Cam splitter with excellent moral Seiko brand
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