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XT-CW200 Automatic Capping Machine
XT-CW200 Automatic Capping Machine
XT-CW200 Automatic Capping Machine
XT-CW200 Automatic Capping Machine
XT-CW200 Automatic Capping Machine
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Brief introduction

  • XT-CW200 full-automatic cap-screwing machine adopts vibrating cap-arranging and draw-to-take cap-feeding design. Caps will be nested into cap-screwing head firstly and then screwed onto containers, ensuring qualified rate. It is applicable to plastic threaded caps, aluminium caps and press-in caps with replacing different cap screwing mechanism. Design of this machine has features of flexible replaceability and simple operation, which is easy to replace different containers. It can be used independently or matched to production line. General chemical industry, medicine, food, cosmetic, cleaning supplies, etc. is applicable.


  • 1.No bottle will not put the cap on the bottle
  • 2.No cap will not screwing
  • 3.Open the cover then machine will be alarm and stop.
  • 4.Servo motor use for the cap sealing. The capping torque can be adjust it by HIM. Insure the sealing well.
Main parameters:

Applicable bottle height


Applicable bottle diameter


Bottle cap specifications


Production capacity

40-60bottles/ min

Air source pressure

0.5~0.7 MPa

Power supply


Output power



800kg(About )

Boundary size


  • Contact with material will SS304
  • PLC & HMI uses SIEMENS brand,Germany
  • Aircylinder uses AIRTAC brand,TaiWan
  • Circuit breaker uses SCHNEIDER brand,France
  • AC motor uses JSCC brand,Germany-China
  • Inverter uses DANFOSS brand,Denmark
  • Fiber sensor uses KEYENCE brand,Japan
  • Relay uses OMRON brand,Japan
  • 1set of rotary star wheel system
  • 1 set of cap unscrambler
  • 1 set of conveyor (L:3meter)
  • 1 set of capping system and bottleneck fixing device
  • Servo motor uses Siemens brand,(for capping)
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