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Automatic Weighting Filling Machine
Automatic Weighting Filling Machine
  • Product Details
  • Main structures

1.control system configuration and control content:

  • ① Configuration:Equipment PLC control system, is the use of mature technology PLC, METTLER TOLEDO weighing sensor, high-speed D / A conversion, photoelectric detection, high dot matrix LCD display, touch screen control and many other modern electronic technology, combined with the company in Filling machine series of products developed for many years experience in the development of alternative products. The controller is composed of microcomputer control part (touch screen, system control board and signal interface board), signal sensing part (diffuse photoelectric sensor and slot sensor), motor and drive part, power supply part (power transformer and voltage regulator Power board) and other components. System selection of ultra-large-scale integrated circuits, imports of high-quality components, filling speed, high reliability, good stability. The controller is developed on the basis of the traditional LCD controller, and compared with the previous LCD controller not only increased the man-machine contact interface, but also increased the graphical display and the Chinese information prompt function, so that the control operation more convenient and more Humanize. In particular, the digital control of the speed control motor can be realized, and the control conveying speed, the filling speed and the filling quantity can be controlled and stopped in the controller operation interface, thus realizing the control of the whole mechanical operation by the controller in the true sense aims.

  • ② Control System:
    1. Accumulated production count: the filling machine can be the number of long-term filling the number of filling.
    2. Each shift production count: the number of filling the number of bottles per count, available units to effectively control the total production.
    3. The system will test the filling speed every minute, and provide the basis for the operator to control the output at any time.
    4. Motor centralized control: the controller can directly control the speed of the motor and start and stop.
    5. All English and Chinese tips dynamic menu: touch screen display of Chinese and English menu according to different interface display different content, to achieve dynamic display, all the alarm, suggesting that intuitive instructions in English.
    6. Power data protection: If the machine accidentally power off, the controller can protect the settings parameters and statistics are not lost.
    7. Fault prompts and sound and light alarm: the filling process to monitor a variety of failures, once the system failure,At this point the system will automatically shut down, and issued a tone

2.Working principle Description:

  • Press the start button→feed to start the bottle, gas execution element to keep standby state。Photoelectric detection sub-bottle→ the first material to the cylinder of stop the two and the photoelectric detection of material →the cylinder of stop the one out→photoelectric detection of material for the cylinder of stop bottle one→two weighing platform lift →the liquid of cylinder and two stop bottle cylinder retract→Check function (optional peeled or not peeled) Filling head lift cylinder retract→ angle seat valve and filling head cylinder (retract) open, start filling→reach the first filling set value off angle seat Valve (reset) →reach the second set value of the filling head cylinder out→filling head lift cylinder is extended→The liquid cylinder is extended→Weighing platform two lift cylinder retracted→Delay→Weighing platform one lift cylinder retracted→Stop the cylinder two photoelectric count, through a material after the sub-cylinder began to sub-bottle count.。→Stop the cylinder at the photoelectric count through the two materials, the cylinder stopped two.


  • Maximum Counter:000000-999999
    Display:5.7 inch LCD touch controller
    Date Input:LCD touch screen direct input

It consists of conveying, rack, filling system, fluid system and electric control part.

XT-FW-2 Main structures

Main specification and technical parameter

  • voltage:220V 50~60HZ
  • power:0.75KW
  • Dimension:2400X1300X2300
  • weight: 600KG
  • Conveyor direction: left→right

Working condition and applicable environment

  • Segmented weighing filling, can achieve high-precision filling.
  • Working temperature:5~35℃
  • Working humidity:30%~80% RH
  • Working environment: no flammable and explosive gases and dust
Main electrical components configuration list

automatic Weight filling Machine Spare Parts List







PLC controller


Taiwan DELTA


Weight scale










Taiwan Airtac




Taiwan Mingwei


Frame Materials

304stainless steel


Conveyor belt


304 stainless steel


Explosion proof motor


AB or Siemens

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