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Automatic Counting Machine
Automatic Counting Machine
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Working principle:

  • The bottle block mechanism will block the bottle on the bottling position and waiting for filling, the tablet will go into the hopper in order by the vibrating of material delivery plate, there is counting sensor on the plate, the tablet which fill into the bottle will be counted in a fixed number.

Main features:

  • 1.Wide application, it can apply tablets(different shapes), capsule, soft capsule(transparent and non-transparent), pills or granule counting and filling.
  • 2.Vibrating tablet out: 16 tunnels vibrating tablet out, patent flap repackaging institutions, stable tablet out and without damaging the tablet.
  • 3.Anti-high level dust: adopts patent anti-high level dust photoelectric sensor, it can also working stably under high dust.
  • 4.Accurate counting: photoelectric sensor automatic counting, bottling accuracy less than domestic standard.
  • 5.Special structure discharge spout, it can prevent tablet block, for some small bottle mouth, it can also realize fast filling.
  • 6.High intelligence, no bottle, no counting, automatic fault checking and multi-alarm function.
  • 7.If bottle is running out, the sensor will automatic detection and stop machine.
  • 8.Easy operation: adopts intelligent design, all operational parameter can be adjusted upon your requirement. It can restore 10 sets of parameter and convenient to use.
  • 9.Convenient maintenance: the operators can operate the machine with simple training, simple and convenient to disassemble and wash, do not need a tool.
  • 10.Sealed and dust-proof: equipped with a dust remove box, reduce dust pollution.

Technical parameter:

  • Production capacity: 20-40bottles/min(related to bottle specification, filling volume and tablet specification)
  • Filling material: 00~5# capsule and soft capsule, Φ5.5~12 tablet, Φ3~12 pill
  • Applicable bottle shape: round, square plastic bottle
  • Bottle filling number: 1-9999
  • Voltage and power: AC220V 50Hz 0.8Kw
  • Accuracy: >99.5%
  • Overall dimension: 1400*1400*1560mm
  • Weight: 220Kg








Bottle detection sensor



Counting sensor

Taiwan Guangyi


Pneumatic components

Shanghai Xingchen


Electric leakage protection



Power Switch



Touch screen

Taiwan Delta


Main control chip

Imported Italy-french electrical company

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